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UW-L Photo minor earns grand prize in Pepsi Next™ photo contest

Source: University of Wisconsin La Crosse Campus Connection
July 1, 2012

UW-L photography minor Analese Nechvatal is the Grand Prize Winner in the “Pepsi Next” photo contest given by Z-93.3 Radio and Pepsi of La Crosse and will receive $3,993 for her photograph.

Nechvatal reconstructed Alfred Eisenstaedt’s famous “The Kiss” photograph. The photo captures a soldier kissing a nurse in Times Square at the end of WWII.

Requirements for the photo contest required that photographs be taken at a La Crosse landmark with a person posed standing on one leg with the other leg raised behind him or her. Photo subjects also had to have their hand in a thumbs up position, while drinking Pepsi Next with the other hand.

see original uncropped photo

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